A St. Paddy’s Day Toast to Renewable Fuel


A St. Paddy’s Day Toast to Renewable Fuel

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We all know St. Paddy’s Day is a time for responsible celebration. But the oil industry’s being irresponsible in its celebration of high gas prices, its monopoly on your tank, and fossil-fueled climate change.

Oil alternatives are key to addressing pain at the pump and will lessen our dependence on oil. In recent years, renewable fuel as lowered prices at the pump by an average of $1.09.

Furthermore, renewable fuel is leading the way to reduce harmful greenhouse gases and combat climate change. Last year, renewable fuel use slashed GHG emissions from vehicles on America’s roads by 33 million metric tons.

So this St. Paddy’s Day, raise a glass to renewable fuel — better for the environment and better for your wallet. Go green with biofuel!

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A St. Paddy’s Day Toast to Renewable Fuel

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