Body Confidence – Mark Macdonald


Body Confidence

Venice Nutrition’s 3-Step System That Unlocks Your Body’s Full Potential

Mark Macdonald

Genre: Health & Fitness

Price: $12.99

Publish Date: April 5, 2011

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

Seller: HarperCollins

At last, there’s a nutrition and fitnessprogram that doesn’t require you todevelop superhuman willpower, shunentire food groups, or devote yourevery waking moment to the treadmill. Body Confidence is a revolutionary approach basedon three key nutrition factors that stabilize yourblood sugar and keep your body in balance: Eating at consistent meal intervals Absolute certainty in essential nutrient ratioof protein, fat, and carbohydrates Identifying and consuming the right amountof calories per meal But there’s much more to Body Confidence thanwhen and what you eat. You’ll become a master at: Determining your current metabolism—andthen reprogramming it Focusing on body fatpercentage rather than body weight Settingmeasurable, motivating goals (short- and long-term,internal and external) Following acustomized, efficient, diverse exercise plan thatmakes you feel energetic and strong Harnessingthe powers of sleep, supplements, water, andstress management, all in perfect sync to optimizeyour body’s performance. Body Confidence creator Mark Macdonald knowsthat weight loss doesn’t happen in a vacuum, andhe has made room for “real life” at every stage ofthis program. Along the way, you’ll be introducedto some of Venice Nutrition’s extraordinary successstories, and learn how to stay on track no matterwhat life throws at you. Packed with recipes,nutrition guides, exercise journals, andVenice Nutrition’s proven goal-setting tools, Body Confidence walks you through everystep of a process that has already changedthousands of lives. Getting in shape (and staying in shape) nolonger has to mean feeling deprived andhungry, living with low energy, being irritableand anxious, or obsessing about food andexercise. There is a way to make looking andfeeling your best a permanent way of life.

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Body Confidence – Mark Macdonald

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