Can a "Sharknado" Really Happen?

Mother Jones

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Courtesy of Syfy

Global warming IS the reason…”

So exclaims a local TV news reporter as a sharknado—a climate change-abetted windstorm that sucks in an armada of malevolent sharks—approaches the heart of Los Angeles. As the sharknado descends, the cyclone starts flinging horrifying sharks at an innocent public and Tara Reid. The only logical way to defeat a sharknado is with chainsaws, shotguns, handguns, helicopters, crudely made bombs, and selfless acts of brawny heroism.

Sharknado, which premieres Thursday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy, is a movie for our times. Not only does it address the hotly political issue of climate change, it also features a storeowner who claims that the National Security Agency—the gigantic entity that Edward Snowden pissed off—is responsible for generating and unleashing sharknados on the American people. (The female newscaster, not the small businessman, is right, though this doesn’t turn out to be much comfort to her, since she gets devoured by a shark during a live broadcast.)

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Can a "Sharknado" Really Happen?

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