Could you be Grist’s newest fellow?


Could you be Grist’s newest fellow?

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Are you an early-career journalist, storyteller, or multimedia wizard who digs what we do? Then Grist wants you!

We are now accepting applications for the fall 2016 class of the Grist Fellowship.

Once again we’re inviting writers, editors, and online journalists of every stripe to come work with us for six months. You get to hone your journalistic chops at a national news outlet, deepen your knowledge of environmental issues, and experiment with storytelling. We get to teach you and learn from you and bring your work to our audience. You won’t get rich — but you will get paid.

You’ll work closely with our editors in Seattle on reporting and executing stories for Grist. Our primary subject areas are food, climate and energy, cities, science and technology, pop culture, and environmental justice. If your skills extend into realms like video, audio, and data visualization, all the better.

Our fellows have been up to some stellar work of late. Clayton Aldern brought you the brainy Climate on the Mind series while Raven Rakia explored the environmental quagmire that is Rikers Island. We’re proud of ’em.

For fellowships that begin in August 2016, please submit applications by May 2, 2016. Full application instructions here.

Good luck!


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Could you be Grist’s newest fellow?

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