Donald Trump Is Becoming Less Popular

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Looking for something to cheer yourself up? I don’t have much for you, but I have something: Donald Trump seems to be getting slightly less popular lately. He’s still winning plenty of Republican primaries, but ever since the first week of January his net unfavorables have been drifting upward slowly but fairly steadily.

This won’t help Republicans much, since all their other candidates appear to be getting unpopular even faster than Trump. And although Hillary Clinton is doing a little better than Trump, she’s not going great guns in the favorability race either. In fact, as near as I can tell, everyone is becoming less popular except for Bernie Sanders, who appears to be the only person left in America with a positive favorable rating.

If there’s a difference here, I’d say that Hillary has been getting pilloried ever since Benghazi, while Trump has only barely been attacked at all. Once Democrats really start hammering him, he probably has further to fall. That’s the glass-half-full analysis, anyway. Take it for what it’s worth.

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Donald Trump Is Becoming Less Popular

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