For Effective Heating Choose Burley Wood Burning Stoves

Nothing is quite as comforting and welcoming as coming into a warm, cosy room with a fire burning in the hearth. With Burley wood burning stoves, this ambiance can be achieved. Safety and cleanliness are easily achieved with these units. Only timber products should be used in these fires. They should not be used to burn coke or coal. Nor should they be used to burn painted timber or rubbish.

Because of the weight of the stove and the way in which they work, it is important to follow installation instructions. The hearth should be minimum of 12mm thick (about half an inch) but deeper is to be preferred because of the weight. Free-standing units can be fitted with an extended base. This comes as a separate component and gives provision for storage of firewood.

The hearth must be non-combustible. If the hearth is made of sectional slabs, expansion due to heat should not cause cracking and breakages. Replacement in such an event will be easier. It is important that the base be level. Marble and conglomerates are not recommended as suitable bases.

Stoves installed on an exterior wall will draw air directly from the outside. Placement in other areas will require installation of an air vent. Minimum distances which should be observed between the unit and combustible materials are laid down in the manufacturer’s specifications.

Allowing the fire to burn strongly for thirty minutes or so will prevent tar from accumulating. Any clogging of the chimney would reduce the efficiency of the unit. The fuel used should be as dry as possible. A small amount of ash should be left in the chamber.

Safety suggestions by the manufacturer include keeping all air vents open, placing guards around units and keeping flammable materials away from the immediate vicinity of the appliance. The stove should always be run with the door closed. For best results, fuel should be added little and often. Burley wood burning stoves are an efficient way to warm a room.

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