For Open Data Day, green hacks and snacks

For Open Data Day, green hacks and snacks

Civic-minded hacktivists, you best brush off those keyboards and pick out a cute outfit, because tomorrow is International Open Data Day.

Cities around the world will be hosting hackathons to turn government data dumps into useful interactive applications for citizen engagement. Check the map for info on a ‘thon near you.

For this special holiday occasion, San Francisco’s Climate Corporation is hosting EcoHack. “EcoHack is about using technology to improve and better understand our natural environment,” say the event’s organizers. “Based on the hacking model of quick, clever solutions to problems, EcoHack is an opportunity to make a difference while having fun!” Woo, nerds!

EcoHack days held in New York in the past have resulted in some sweet projects, from routing bikes and building pollution sensors to mapping deforestation (fun!).

This year’s crew will be working on mapping community solar projects, visualizing oil spills, and “food’ficiency,” among other worthy data-driven causes. Also there will be pizza, which goes surprisingly well with depressing statistics. Just trust me on this one.

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For Open Data Day, green hacks and snacks

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