Local Natives’ "Hummingbird" Comes Alive

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Local Natives, the mesmerizing, harmonizing, Los Angeles-based four-piece, has successfully avoided the sophomore slump with the release, last week, of its second album, Hummingbird. It follows their bright and bouncy 2010 debut Gorilla Manor, which landed them tours with the likes of Arcade Fire and The National. In fact, The National’s Aaron Dressner was so enamored with Local Natives that he decided to help them produce Hummingbird.

The night after the album’s release, a sold-out crowd greeted Local Natives at Oakland’s 2,800-seat Fox Theater. “This is a big night for us,” vocalist/guitarist Taylor Rice said from the stage. “Our second record came out yesterday. This is the first time we’ve played Oakland. And this is the biggest show we’ve ever played.” He was visibly humbled by the size and reaction of the audience.

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Local Natives’ "Hummingbird" Comes Alive

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