Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat – Michael Alvear


Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat

How to Stop Worrying About Your Body and Have Great Sex

Michael Alvear

Genre: Self-Improvement

Price: $0.99

Publish Date: May 7, 2013

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc

Seller: Sourcebooks, Inc.

“A must-read for women even if they’re one of the lucky ones with no pressing body image issues, and couples who want to strengthen their relationships or just have more fun in bed.” — Sex tips for women, Lifebytes books Is Your Body Image Getting In The Way Of Intimacy And Desire?  Fifty percent of women put off sex—even when they’re in the mood—because they feel too fat. Even normal- and below-normal-weight women can’t seem to let go and enjoy themselves in bed because they’re worried their bodies aren’t good enough for their partners.  How A Bad Body Image Impacts Women’s Sexual Desire. Do you find yourself avoiding or postponing sex because you’re too self-conscious about your body? Have you started putting “conditions” on sex—only with the lights out, only with cover-up clothing, only in positions that prevent your partner from seeing or touching perceived imperfections?  Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat will change your love life tonight with surprising solutions from the latest sex research. Find out proven ways to: • Shut off the negative thoughts about your body before, during and after sex. • Use sex techniques that will make you forget to “check” your thighs or worry about your partner seeing something you’re ashamed of.  • Stop panicking when your partner touches a body part you’re self conscious about. • Stay present, attend to your pleasure and engage with your partner. The Sex Drive Solution For Women Who Struggle With Body Image Issues Women with body image issues also experience a noticeable drop in their sexual desire. That’s because negative body esteem creates low libido in women. By reducing sexual desire it helps them avoid the fear of being shamed in the bedroom. Not Tonight Dear provides the most innovative solutions for low libido, including these sex tips for women: • The ‘Flicker Stage’ technique—it’ll make your sexual desire go from zero to sixty in minutes. • Situational and contextual ‘cuing’—prompt your sex drive in conscious and subconscious ways. Read the comprehensive list of sex cues that might be right for you. • The “20/70” exercise—an exercise proven over and over to significantly, sometimes dramatically, raise sexual desire in low libido women—even in those taking antidepressants. Learn How To Fully Enjoy Sex Without Worrying About How You Look Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat will help you build body confidence, heal your relationship and provide the blueprint for a vibrant, rewarding sex life. Remember, sex is not the reward for a perfect body. It’s the reward for being human.

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Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat – Michael Alvear

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