Optimal Living 360 – Sanjay Jain


Optimal Living 360

Smart Decision Making for a Balanced Life

Sanjay Jain

Genre: Self-Improvement

Price: $0.99

Publish Date: February 3, 2014

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press

Seller: Greenleaf Book Group, LLC

A program for making the most out of the present and future The biggest challenge is figuring out how to make decisions that improve your overall quality of life. In Optimal Living 360 , Dr. Sanjay Jain introduces Integrative Decision Making, an approach that focuses on the big picture and teaches you how to make decisions to receive the highest return on investment in life. While sharing his life-changing discoveries, Dr. Jain guides you through the process of isolating your core values using his ASPIRES model. He then explains how to integrate those ideals or standards into the decision-making process in aspects of life such as health, money, relationships, leisure, and sex, among others. Each optimal decision you make brings you one step closer to finding balance and taking control. The easy-to-follow technique will help you make the best of any situation and maximize your return on each aspect of your multidimensional life, even if you re on a restrained budget or have minimal resources. Optimal Living 360 is refreshingly comprehensive and a revolutionary approach to personal fulfillment. @SanjayJainMD

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Optimal Living 360 – Sanjay Jain

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