The 17 Day Diet – Dr. Mike Moreno


The 17 Day Diet

A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results

Dr. Mike Moreno

Genre: Health & Fitness

Price: $9.99

Publish Date: March 15, 2011

Publisher: Free Press

Seller: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc.

The 17 Day Diet , featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors , is a revolutionary plan that adjusts your body metabolically for fast and effective weight loss. The 17 Day Diet is a phenomenal new diet that is sure to change the way we think about weight loss. Dr. Mike Moreno’s breakthrough program, which adjusts your body metabolically so that you burn fat day in and day out, is structured around four 17-day cycles: • Accelerate—the rapid weight loss portion that helps flush sugar and fat storage from your system • Activate—the metabolic restart portion with alternating low and high calorie days to help shed body fat • Achieve—this phase is about learning to control portions and introducing new fitness routines • Arrive—a combination of the first three cycles to keep good habits up for good The variation that Dr. Mike calls “body confusion” is designed to keep your metabolism guessing; each cycle changes your calorie count and the food that you’re eating to keep your body from hitting the plateau that so often occurs on even the strictest diet regimen. This is not a diet that relies on a tiny list of approved foods, grueling exercise routines, or unrealistic calorie counts that leave you hungry and unfulfilled. Dr. Mike recognizes that a diet can only work if it’s compatible with the real world, and so he’s designed the program with usability as a top priority. The 17 Day Diet is a simple plan that gets big, long-lasting results. Its blend of sensible advice and powerful motivation will help readers focus on their goals and start seeing lasting results fast.

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The 17 Day Diet – Dr. Mike Moreno

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