The Definitive Guide to Bedbug Sex

Image: Armed Forces Pest Management Board

The last thing you want in your bed is bedbugs. But here is an even grosser thought to handle: bedbugs have sex in your bed.

How do they do it? Turns out, we’re really interested in this. There are a lot of explainers out there. Here are three that will get you up to speed on the bedbug hanky-panky.

Anna Rothschild at NOVA knows you want to know:

As Rothschild explains, male bedbugs have saber-like penises, that they use to stab females in the abdomen. The male releases sperm into the females circulatory system, not into their reproductive tract which is used for outbound eggs only.

Here’s another take on bedbug sex, by the always weird-yet-entertaining Green Porno:

And if you want the real deal, here’s a video of real bedbugs having sex.

Like Rothschild says, good luck sleeping now that you know this might be happening in your bed.

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The Definitive Guide to Bedbug Sex

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