Tom’s Kitchen: Roasted Okra with Farro and a Fried Egg

Mother Jones

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Recently, I scanned my fridge, looking for what I’ve neglected to cook from the previous week’s farmers market run, hoping to be able to avoid a trip to the food co-op. (I know, how Portlandia of me). I came across a treasure: a bag of okra I had picked up from Austin’s wonderful Green Gate Farms and had promptly forgotten about. To my relief, it was still crisp and vibrant.

Coming up with a quick meal with it wasn’t hard. In the pantry, there was a bit of pearled farro—an ancient relative of wheat that never stopped being consumed in Italy and has now found a vogue in the US. I also had eggs, an onion, some garlic, and a few small carrots. I decided to roast the okra, boil off the farro—which cooks in just 20 minutes—and toss it a quick saute of onions and carrots. I’d top that with the okra and a fried egg. And make enough for leftovers. So that’s what I did. And no, the okra wasn’t slimy at all!

Roasted Okra with Farro and a Fried Egg

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Tom’s Kitchen: Roasted Okra with Farro and a Fried Egg

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