We condemn anti-RFS legislation proposed today


We condemn anti-RFS legislation proposed today

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The bill introduced today by Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA) would impede the progress made by the renewable fuel industry and take choice out of the hands of consumers, all while protecting the virtual monopoly that oil companies have over America’s transportation fuels.

As this legislation is introduced, let’s remember that instead of protecting oil companies, Congress should address what is actually hurting America’s families and businesses: high gas prices and dependence on foreign oil. Continuing to develop our renewable industry is the only way to address both. Rep. Goodlatte’s bill would keep gas prices at the mercy of global oil markets and rob consumers of clean, competitive fuels.

The legislation also ignores the fact that renewable fuel is good for the country. Renewable fuel creates jobs, gives consumers savings and choice at the pump, promotes our nation’s energy security and brings environmental benefits.

We must avoid near-term energy policy changes that imperil America’s communities, families, and businesses. Maintaining the RFS ensures that America’s renewable fuel industry – from traditional, advanced or cellulosic sources – can continue to feed and fuel the country.

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We condemn anti-RFS legislation proposed today

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