Week in the News: Is 2013 the Year for Biofuel?

Week in the News: Is 2013 the Year for Biofuel?

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2013 is here and so is our first weekly news roundup! Here are the top stories in renewable fuel this week:

Scientists at Texas A&M University have been awarded a $2.4m grant from the Department of Energy to research converting lignin (a plant-waste product) into a renewable fuel.
Jan Koninckx of DuPont spoke with Consumer Energy Report to discuss his company’s pioneering work on the commercial production of cellulosic ethanol.
An article in the New York Times and a follow up post on Mother Jones attempted to blame renewable fuel for hunger issues in Guatemala. In response, the Renewable Fuels Association put together a point by point takedown of the NYT piece and our own blog featured a rebuttal to Mother Jones.
The Auto Channel struck back against AAA and Fox Business News for spreading misinformation about the safety of E15 renewable fuel.
Researchers revealed this week that the world’s first 100% biofuel powered civilian flight (which took place last October) reduced aerosol emissions by 50%.
Jim Lane at Biofuels Digest took time to debunk six of the top renewable fuel myths circulating online and in the media.
Thomson Reuters read the tea leaves (as well as industry reports showing significant progress) and determined that 2013 could be the “year for biofuel.”
An analyst at The Motley Fool called the Renewable Fuel Standard “one of the most successful – and important – partnerships of private industry and state in recent years.”

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Week in the News: Is 2013 the Year for Biofuel?

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