Why Bother Debunking Climate Change Deniers?

Mother Jones

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This story first appeared on the Slate website and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

I recently posted yet another debunking of a climate change denial post. The claims made by the writer, David Rose, were not just flatly wrong, but actually ridiculous. He quoted scientist Myles Allen grossly out of context (confirmed by Allen himself), making it seems as if Allen were saying something he wasn’t. He compared two measurements that were not at all comparable, making it seem like other scientists didn’t know what they were doing. And he made a pile of other easily disproven statements that didn’t come within a glancing blow of reality.

I’ll admit: It’s no fun writing about this kind of thing. I hate it. I hate having to do it. I’d much rather be writing about galaxies and Saturn and supernovae, and it’s depressing to wake up in the morning and see yet another nonsensical article that I know will get repeated endlessly in the deny-o-sphere echo chamber.

But that’s precisely why I have to slog through it. The more people who can show these claims for what they are—wrong, willfully or otherwise—the better.

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Why Bother Debunking Climate Change Deniers?

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