11 Killer Albums Brought to You by Brian Eno

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In addition to his solo work, the musician, artist, and producer Brian Eno—profiled by Andrew Marantz for our January/February print issue—has produced and collaborated on dozens of albums, both iconic and obscure, since the 1970s. Here’s a small sampling of 11 albums to demonstrate how his unique musical sensibilities have touched our world. Why 11 and not 10? Because Eno would probably prefer it that way.

1977: Eno played a key role in Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” of Low, Heroes, and Lodger.

1977: Eno coproduced the first album by this seminal British electro-pop combo.

1978: Eno was the genius behind Devo’s weird and wonderful debut.

1980: An amazing followup to 1979’s Fear of Music, which Eno also produced.

1981: Oliver Stone’s Wall Street opened on a track from this iconic Byrne-Eno collaboration.

1984: The beginning of Eno’s long and fruitful collaboration with U2.

1998: Eno coproduced this fusion album by Senegalese pop star Baaba Maal.

2000: Eno coproduced O’Connor’s fifth album.

2006: Eno worked closely with Paul Simon on Simon’s 11th studio album.

2008: Following this acclaimed release, Eno would go on to produce Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto.

2011: Eno coproduced this album by the youngest son of Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti.

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11 Killer Albums Brought to You by Brian Eno

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