Am I the Only Person Left Who Hates Anti-Aliasing?

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I’m not trying to pick on the New Republic here, but I’m curious about something. They launched a redesigned website yesterday, and here’s how the main text font renders on my PC:

Why does it look so bad? Because I’m running Windows with ClearType turned off. Does anyone else do this, or am I the only person left on the planet who finds ClearType intolerable for day-to-day use? If I’m the only one, then I understand why some magazines don’t bother optimizing their body fonts for either mode (it’s not just TNR). But if I’m not the only one, then why not use a font that works for everyone?

PREEMPTIVE TECH NOTE: Yes, my monitor is running at its native resolution. Yes, I know how to set up ClearType. Yes, I know that most people prefer the mushy look of anti-aliased type. But I don’t, and never have. I’m just curious about whether I’m a lone holdout at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am. ClearType has been turned on by default in Windows for many years now, and my guess is that very few people these days realize it’s something they could turn off even if they wanted to.

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Am I the Only Person Left Who Hates Anti-Aliasing?

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