Anti-Agenda 21 bill is back in Arizona, wants to eat your brains

Anti-Agenda 21 bill is back in Arizona, wants to eat your brains

Charles A. Nesci

Which state is valiant and insane enough to lead the fight against the United Nations’ blueprint for a more sustainable world, i.e. those vile and dangerous plans for global social control community gardens and bike paths known as Agenda 21? Yes, it’s wild, libertarian, sprawly, water-importing Arizona!

Last May, less insane heads managed to prevail in the Grand Canyon State, shooting down a bill that would have prohibited state and local governments from adopting anything even a little bit related to sustainability and Agenda 21. But the idea has crawled out of the grave in the form of SB 1403 [PDF], a new bill that would prohibit any local government in Arizona from implementing any “creed, doctrine, principles or any tenet” of Agenda 21.

“Any way you want to describe it, Agenda 21 is a direct attack on the middle class and the working poor,” the bill’s sponsor Sen. Judy Burges said during a hearing on it in 2012. “The primary goal of Agenda 21 is to create social engineering of our citizens and it will impact every aspect of our daily lives.”

Or not at all. In fact, Agenda 21 calls for helping poor people and the environment both. Too bad it’s been sitting around gathering dust for 20ish years!

But speaking of social engineering, Arizona is also looking at a bill that would allow teachers to tell kids that climate change is but a fairy tale! Suddenly I’m not so worried about their bike lanes.

Not even sure what it’s like to live in this crazy place? Here an Arizona community meeting freaks out about both of those things. (Bonus smooth jazz soundtrack. You’re welcome.)

For extra fun, local Sierra Vista, Arizona residents can check out the “Agenda 21 and the Threat to State Sovereignty” presentation next week, presented by the Tea Party and two of the state legislature’s consultants. $5 admission at the door, BYO tin-foil hat.

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Anti-Agenda 21 bill is back in Arizona, wants to eat your brains

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