Biden drops by the Green Inaugural Ball to say thanks

Biden drops by the Green Inaugural Ball to say thanks

kcpetersonBiden at a 2010 green jobs eventLast night’s Green Inaugural Ball had an unannounced speaker: Vice President Joe Biden.

He had a brief message for the activists and environmentalists in the room: “I came to say thank you.” Politico has more:

“I’ll tell you what my green dream is: that we finally face up to climate change,” Biden said during a surprise appearance at the “Green Ball,” an inaugural weekend event for environmental groups. …

Biden offered no details about what the administration’s approach will be but said, “I don’t intend on ending this four years without getting an awful lot more done.”

He added: “Keep the faith.”

And, in an apparent knock to Republicans who question climate science, he said, “There is science in the White House.”

Response online was positive.

The Green Ball wasn’t Biden’s only stop. He also dropped by the Latino Inaugural. From The Hill:

Biden, accompanied by his wife, Jill, and other family members, told the crowd during brief remarks, “I think you underestimate your power.” He continued, “I think you underestimate what you’ve done for America and what you’re about to do.”

He said to applause, “The fact that the Latino Hispanic community in this country was such a decisive voice in turning out in this election was noticed by the whole hemisphere.”

In other words, he came to say thank you.

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Biden drops by the Green Inaugural Ball to say thanks

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