Brisbane Solar Globalisation

Today there are a great range of Solar Products. Aurora and Delta have big power behind them with the size of the organisations they represent, these organiations provide quality products. Inverters serve the purpose of converting the energy from the sun into energy that can be used by residential homes. The Photovoltaic effect otherwise known as PV is when the sunlight get absorbed by the solar panels and changed into energy.

Solar technology in recent years never seems to slow down, with prices predicted to drop even lower with the cost of manufacturing solar panels looking to drop even more, which could result in people more willing to buy as they will be more able to buy bigger systems that not only will cover their bills, but will also provide a surplus at the end of each quarter if they are generating more power then they are using. Is the feed in tariff going to stand the test of time? Will people start to all be self sufficient and no longer need to use the electricity provider to give them the energy they need, and will the electricity provider start buying from the residential area’s. And would electricity providers eventually cease to exist. Technology changes, then people could find alternate solutions, but the future looks bright for solar at least until 2030 The electricity providers could cease to exist completely or they could look at other business opportunities to put their funding in to make things happen.

Check what the point of the tariff is today anyway. Tariff look to be used mainly for interest of tax and other government objectives. Why? Well perhaps big manufacturing power houses that come into a country with prices that blow out the competition could be a reason, the government prevents this, because it doesn’t want home grown business’s to be taken out, because business’s are the one that provide jobs for people in their country, and if people have jobs it means more tax for the government to keep the economy moving.

If the big companies come and take over then it could spell disaster for home grown companies in Australia, it could be away to regulate this effect somewhat. When people are losing jobs, they rely on the government welfare which comes out of tax payers wallet, this effects the Australia on a wide scale, and the money goes overseas to help their economy instead.

The question of globalisation in the future is an interesting one, as the internet has now virtually completely changed the whole game. With people setting up their own business’s online the mighty corporation’s that once were, are now losing their power.

Anything could happen in the future of solar (Click Here to see a range of solar power systems.)

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