Etsy Office Supplies to Make Your Workspace More Eco-Friendly

Even if you don’t spend your days at a desk, you may have a home office for keeping your projects organized. In both of these spaces, it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to make them fun and eco-friendly. To help you start thinking about how you might green your work space and add a little excitement at the same time, check out these Etsy products made from upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Photo: Etsy user randall180

Prefer your office decor to be modern and reflect your interest in technology? Randall Littleton, owner of Etsy shop randall180, claims that with this repurposed iMac Lamp you will be the envy of your workplace. So if your office could use a little extra light, this might just be the accessory for you.

Littleton’s shop is dedicated solely to repurposed Mac products and in addition to this iMac Lamp includes clocks made from old computers.

To see more upcycled Mac products, visit randall180.

Price: $115


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Photo: Etsy user CraftGather

If you have control over what kind of desk resides in your office, consider choosing an eco-friendly option like this one made by Rocky Garza of the Etsy shop Craft & Gather.

Garza constructs a variety of desks, tables and benches, all from reclaimed wood. He uses old trees, lumber and even a wooden spool that was previously used to transport electrical wire in his work. This desk is made from reclaimed lumber and steel plumbing pipe and would make a great focal piece for any office or workspace.

Garza also makes custom desks, so if you’d like something similar but tailored to your taste, check out the Craft & Gather Etsy shop and contact the artist.

Price: $650


Photo: Etsy user JemmDeeCreations

Sure, you could go to any office supply store and purchase some inexpensive push pins, but they wouldn’t be as original or eco-friendly as these push pins made from broken china.

Mirna Chang, the owner of Etsy shop JemmDeeCreations, is an expert upcycler, especially when it comes to reusing old kitchenware. As she puts it, her shop consists of “pretty things made from broken plates” and includes everything from push pins and magnets to jewelry. Her materials come from chipped, broken or unwanted dishes, and Chang cuts and shapes them into new, eye-catching products.

To see these push pins and the rest of Chang’s work, visit JemmDeeCreations.

Price: $12.50


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Photo: Etsy user LizzieJoeDesigns

A cork board made from upcycled wine corks will go great with upcycled push pins. Jennifer of the Etsy shop Lizzie Joe Designs uses old corks to their full potential by turning them into things like cork boards, coasters, trays and wall decorations. All the corks are recycled, as are many of the other materials Jennifer uses. She likes to shop at thrift stores and upcycles as much as possible, according to her Etsy page.

This framed cork board incorporates many kinds of corks and would be well-suited to an office (or your kitchen, for that matter).

Visit Lizzie Joe Designs for more information.

Price: $30


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Photo: Etsy user OctoberInspiration

Could your office space use some plants? If so, you might want to check out this upcycled wine bottle hydroponic planter from Jamie Malone of October Inspiration.

Indoor gardening is made easy with this simple hydroponic system, which works especially well for herbs or small plants. Malone makes all the planters from old wine bottles, so each one is a little bit different. The planters will work great on any windowsill, and they come with instructions to help you get started growing plants.

Visit October Inspiration to learn more.

Price: $20


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Photo: Etsy user TheBlackCatCellar

Have trouble keeping all your paperwork organized? These simple upcycled button paper clips from Kelsey of The Black Cat Cellar can help you keep things in order while also adding a little fun to the process.

Almost all the products in Kelsey’s shop incorporate upcycled buttons in some way, and 20% of the proceeds are donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The button paper clips come in a variety of colors, so check out The Black Cat Cellar for more details and photos.

Price: $5


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Photo: Etsy user ComfyCreations

For those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, a wrist rest can help keep you comfortable at your desk. This computer keyboard wrist rest made by Kathleen Lee of ComfyCreations will do just that.

The wrist rests come in a variety of colors and patterns and are filled with organic buckwheat, flaxseed and rice. They can be used for moist heat therapy by putting them in the microwave, and they’re also scented with lavender. The wrist rests will conform to your wrists to help reduce strain and relieve pressure.

Lee is a licensed massage therapist and sells many other therapeutic spa products in her shop. Visit ComfyCreations to see more.

Price: $14.95


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Photo: Etsy user etchythings

Need more assistance keeping your office organized? These office organizing clothespins from Mei and Frank of the Etsy shop etchythings can help. Labels to help you categorize and fun patterns make these clothespins a useful addition to any office. Mei and Frank will customize and engrave the clothespins upon request.

Etchythings also sells a variety of rubber stamps whose wood mounts are all sourced from reclaimed wood. To see all of Mei and Frank’s offerings, visit etchythings.

Price: $10


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Photo: Etsy user BeauMiracle

If your desk needs a colorful accent, consider this pen and pencil holder made by Dessy Stoeva, owner of the Etsy shop BeauMiracle. You may not be able to tell by glancing at it, but it’s made of upcycled wood and would easily fit many common office supplies like pens, pencils, markers and scissors.

On her Etsy page, Stoeva writes that she enjoys working with vintage materials, so you’ll find plenty of other upcycled products in her shop. To learn more, visit BeauMiracle.

Price: $31


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Photo: Etsy user AshleyAfterDark

Magnets are an easy way to personalize your office, especially when they come in fun colors and are made from upcycled materials. These magnets by Ashley Rodgers of Ashley After Dark are made from old dominos decorated with alcohol ink.

Rodgers’ shop is filled with unique items that incoporate alcohol ink. She sells jewelry, home accents and a new line of office supplies. If your office space could use additional decorations, head over to Ashley After Dark to see if there’s anything that will suit your space.

Price: $5


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Etsy Office Supplies to Make Your Workspace More Eco-Friendly

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