Friday Cat Blogging – 13 September 2013

Mother Jones

It’s Friday the 13th, which means you should avoid black cats. Except for Domino, of course, who is arranged fetchingly today on a quilt called “Oh My Stars!” — complete with exclamation mark, just like Jeopardy! and Yahoo! This is a traditional block-celled “sawtooth star” design, machine pieced and hand quilted. It’s 102″ x 102″, Marian’s largest. I’m also told—though, as usual, I don’t actually remember this myself—that it includes some fabrics that I brought home from London shortly after we were married. Look closely and you can see some stars made out of Liberty Tana Lawn designs.

Quick health update: Domino is fine. The house has been de-flead, she’s been bathed twice, and her little pinprick sores appear to be fading away. Her thyroid is under the care of a special diet, but it will probably be a month or two before we see much of an effect.

In other news, my sister recommends this story about Buddha the cat, who is losing weight by exercising on an underwater treadmill.

Also, if you’re in a giving mood, MoJo is running a fundraiser this month. Click here to help keep catblogging going. (Oh, and to support our investigative reporting, too.) And if you’re still in a giving mood—and why wouldn’t you be?—you might consider putting aside a few dollars for Emptywheel, a blog that’s been even more useful than usual lately in the wake of all the NSA surveillance disclosures.

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Friday Cat Blogging – 13 September 2013

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