Friday Cat Blogging – 20 September 2013

Mother Jones

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This is actually an old picture. I was diddling around yesterday with my iPhone after I updated to iOS 7 and happened to come across a series of photos I took with a fisheye attachment that Marian got me for Christmas last year. Here’s one of them, with Domino checking out the new tech and the quilter-in-chief keeping Domino’s schnoz safely away from the camera.

This week’s health news is excellent. I still don’t know for sure if all the little pinprick sores were from flea bites, but in any case, they’re all completely gone and Domino’s fur is regrowing over the bare patches. Also, to my surprise, the low-iodine food seems to be working already. I figured it would take a month or two. But she’s eaten her entire bowl of food for five days in a row now, so her appetite is obviously returning.

In other iPhone-related cat news, this is very bad news. Very bad. We are all going to have to be extremely careful in the future.

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Friday Cat Blogging – 20 September 2013

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