Friday Cat Blogging – 8 February 2013

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Today Domino is performing her Queen Bee act while stretched out on a “Flying Geese” quilt. This is actually from the second set of pictures I took. After looking through the first set, I realized that a close-up didn’t allow you to see why this quilt is called Flying Geese, so a few minutes ago I laid it out flat and plonked Domino down in a corner, fully expecting her to walk off in a huff immediately, leaving me with no good pictures. (She doesn’t really like being told where to take a nap.) But she stuck around for a grand total of three photos, and as a result you get to see the V-pattern formed by the various triangles. I’m reliably informed that it took hours to choose all the fabric patterns for this quilt. It’s machine pieced and hand quilted.

In other feline news, half a century after introducing the Scottie dog token to the game of Monopoly, we finally have a bit of justice. Hasbro conducted an internet poll to replace one of its tokens, and the winner, unsurprisingly, was a cat. Personally, I figure the fix was in all along. Hasbro wanted a cat, and figured the best way of getting one was to ask the internet. The only surprise is that, somehow, the iron managed to lose out to the wheelbarrow as the token to get the axe. Seriously? The wheelbarrow survived? Nobody ever chooses that token, do they?

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Friday Cat Blogging – 8 February 2013

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