Here’s the Only MH370 Theory That Actually Makes Sense

Mother Jones

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We need more traffic here at Mother Jones, and that can mean only one thing: we need to pump up our coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner. Let’s take stock of what we know:

Investigators have discovered that data was erased from the flight simulator belonging to one of the pilots.
The plane veered off course in response to a course change programmed into the flight management system.
The transponder was turned off.
The ACARS tracking suggests the plane flew in the general direction of India. However, no ground-based radar detected the plane, which means the ACARS signals were probably spoofed.
Debris has been discovered in digitized satellite imagery, but an actual physical search has failed to find anything.

This all suggests one thing: a computer genius. A very rich computer genius. One who knows how to cover his tracks and is accustomed to avoiding discovery.

This whole affair was engineered by Satoshi Nakamoto. I will be publishing a detailed version of this theory in Newsweek shortly.


Here’s the Only MH370 Theory That Actually Makes Sense

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