In New Poll, Clinton Leads Trump In Every Single Category

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The latest WaPo/ABC News poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 51-43 percent in a two-way race. That’s good news for Clinton, but the rest of the poll is even better news. Asked who they believe will win, Clinton leads by a whopping 58-29 percent. Historically, this is a pretty predictive indicator. President Obama’s approval rating is up to 58 percent, which is good news for the candidate of the same party. Clinton also leads on all four questions about character and all five questions about issues.

But here’s my favorite result. Although 43 percent of respondents say they support Trump, only 36 percent say he’s qualified to serve. This means that 7 percent of the population plans to vote for him even though they think he’s unqualified to be president. Boo yah!

Anyway, margin of error, question wording, blah blah blah. This probably doesn’t really mean much. But it’s amusing nonetheless.

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In New Poll, Clinton Leads Trump In Every Single Category

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