Listen to your customers, fast food restaurants!


Listen to your customers, fast food restaurants!

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The National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR) – fast food’s lobbying voice – is on Capitol Hill and advertising in POLITICO today, continuing its misguided anti-RFS campaign. They’ll be telling lawmakers that the RFS has driven up food prices, even though the price of corn is forecast to decline in the coming months, thanks to a record yield of 13.8 billion bushels this year (not to mention the World Bank study which definitively links crude oil prices to climbing global food costs).

But the fast food members of NCCR need to do more than listen to the facts – they also need to listen to their own customers. Our new poll shows that Americans not only love fast food, but they also support renewable fuel:

No surprise here, Americans love fast food. In fact, one in three (35%) eat fast food at least once a week.

Another two-in-five (38%) say that they visit either once or several times per month. One in five (21%) say they eat at a fast food restaurant less than once a month and just 7% never eat fast food.

And strong majorities of Americans agree that fast food restaurants should be thinking about and incorporating alternative fuel:

89% of Americans agree that restaurants that recycle their cooking oil into renewable fuel are helping to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
87% of Americans believe the cost of oil/gasoline is a major factor driving food prices.
87% of Americans want the fast food industry to support alternative fuels to help lower the cost of the foods they love.
86% agree that fast food restaurants make large profits and should use a tiny fraction of their profits to include sustainable practices into their business models.

Bottom Line: the NCCR’s idea that renewable fuel drives food prices is a whopper. Their own consumers understand that oil drives the cost of food and that restaurants should love alternative fuel — for the environment and their own wallets.

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Listen to your customers, fast food restaurants!

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