Obama may delay Keystone decision until 2014

Obama may delay Keystone decision until 2014

Jim Barber

Kick … kick … kick …

The Obama administration has been procrastinating on its decision on the Keystone XL pipeline for years — and now comes word that it may kick the can even further down the road. From Reuters:

The Obama administration is unlikely to make a decision on the Canada-to-Nebraska Keystone XL pipeline until late this year as it painstakingly weighs the project’s impact on the environment and on energy security, a U.S. official and analysts said on Friday.

The decision may not be made until November, December or even early 2014, said a U.S. official … who did not want to be named given the sensitive nature of the project.

Analysts agreed that a decision would not be made by this summer as the State Department had suggested when it issued an environmental review on the pipeline on March 1.

If Obama can just delay until Jan. 20, 2017, then finally it’ll be somebody else’s problem.

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Obama may delay Keystone decision until 2014

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