Public Service News Update on the Boston Marathon Bombings

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A quick update on yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon:

There was not a third bomb at the JFK Library (it was a fire in the building’s mechanical room).
There are no suspects in custody (the “Saudi national” that dominated the news yesterday is a witness, not a suspect).
There are not 12 people dead (the New York Post just jumped the gun).
Police did not find any unexploded devices elsewhere in the city (that’s what Gov. Deval Patrick says, anyway).
Cell phone service was not shut down by the authorities after the bombs detonated (AP has walked back its original claim, and various people have reported sending texts immediately after the bombing.)

Just thought you’d like to know. For more on what did happen, check out our ongoing explainer here, which is being updated regularly. In the meantime, read Bruce Schneier on how we should think about all this.

UPDATE: Dana Liebelson and Tim Murphy have a longer, more detailed version of this list here. Plus a bonus sixth report that turned out to be false!


Public Service News Update on the Boston Marathon Bombings

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