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The bosses are at it again—our latest experiment in how we can pay for MoJo’s journalism went live a few weeks ago.

You can (and should!) read more in their piece “This Is What’s Missing From Journalism Right Now,” but I have to say, the idea sounds pretty good: sign up new monthly donors to give us much-needed stability in these challenging times to be in the news business, and do it by using facts and logic—instead of blanketing the site with ads and sending a ton of panicky emails.

Oh yes, I can get on board with that.

Our goal—by the end of September—is to find 2,000 readers who pitch in $15 a month so we generate $30,000 in new revenue that we can count on each and every month. And they say we’re off to a great start—already signing up 1,275 new monthly donors in the first two weeks of a planned six-week effort.

There’s a good chance we can get there without being too pushy with those ads and emails, so if you’re reading this and already know why Mother Jones needs your support, I hope you’ll help us keep the momentum going by starting your tax-deductible monthly gift today (or you can give by PayPal here). But if you’re not quite ready, or if you want to nerd out on the numbers, give Clara and Monika’s piece a read and see if you find it convincing.

We’ll see where the numbers are after the long holiday weekend, but we might even be able to wrap up this campaign and get out of your way ahead of schedule. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Sign Up Now To Be a Monthly Donor to MoJo

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