‘Sustainable communities’ give Glenn Beck nightmares

‘Sustainable communities’ give Glenn Beck nightmares

High-speed rail! Resilient cities! Cap-and-trade! Common good!

Quick: Is this a list of upcoming Grist posts or Glenn Beck’s worst nightmare? Both, probably.

Beck is currently stirring up fear/promoting his new Agenda 21 novel, which imagines a future where only one young couple can save America from a violent and tyrannical government that promotes things like social justice and greenways, the horror.

Beck’s book is fiction, but his profound fear of Agenda 21 is very, very real. In his book promotion, Beck is hoping to inspire more of that fear, I guess, with efforts like this one to collect “key words and phrases that are often used at the local level when discussing Agenda 21 related initiatives” (as illustrated above).

Sure, “good business sense,” “scenic views,” and “lifelong learning” might be the stuff of your dreams, but they’re the stuff of Beck’s nightmares. Which itself is the stuff of my dreams. Aw, don’t cry, Glenn Beck! It’s all gonna be OK. “Sanctuary.” “Restoration.” “Prosperity.” Haha just kidding, please keep crying.

Here’s the trailer for Agenda 21:

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‘Sustainable communities’ give Glenn Beck nightmares

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