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Burger King’s ‘Impossible Whopper’ is 0% meat and 100% real

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Burger King, the fast-food giant known for meaty excess, has announced it intends to pilot a fully vegetarian, beef-free version of its classic Whopper.

The company announced on Monday that it will test out plant-based patties from startup Impossible Foods starting with stores in the St. Louis, Missouri area. And thank the flame-broiled Gods, this does not appear to be an April Fool’s Joke. The chain already offers a meatless patty in the form of the MorningStar Farms Garden Veggie Patty, which is made from vegetables and grains. But the more meat-like Impossible Whopper represents a promotion for vegetarian options from sub-in to front-of-brand star.

Fernando Machado, Burger King’s chief marketing officer, told the New York Times of the new Impossible Whopper that even fans who know the traditional beef Whopper inside and out “struggle to differentiate which one is which.”

Plant-based meat substitutes have been gaining popularity as people have become more aware and focused on the environmental woes associated with standard animal-based food systems. Plus, health-conscious customers may be drawn to plant-based options because of their lower cholesterol and calorie counts.

Burger King is the biggest fast-food company to launch a vegetarian-friendly burger option to date, but it’s far from the first. In January, Carl’s Jr. started offering a meatless “Beyond Meat” option at more than 1,000 locations. And the mostly Midwest-based chain White Castle (of Harold and Kumar fame) has been offering a meatless “Impossible Slider” at their nearly 380 locations since September of last year.

Burger King’s “whopper” of a contribution to the meatless fast food landscape is, at least for now, still theoretical. The Impossible Whopper will only be tested in 59 of the company’s approximately 7,200 locations, with plans for broader rollout in the future if the trial goes well.

One potential barrier to the Impossible Whopper’s success is its price tag: the meatless burger will cost about a dollar more than its meaty namesake. But according to Burger King’s North America president Christopher Finazzo, research shows consumers are willing to pay more for the plant-based burger.

And as Impossible Foods gets deeper into the fast food game, it’s possible prices for the popular, plant-based patties could drop.

“Burger King represents a different scale,” Impossible Foods COO and CFO David Lee told CNN. “The only thing we need to be affordable and at scale versus the incumbent commodity business is time and size.”

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Burger King’s ‘Impossible Whopper’ is 0% meat and 100% real

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The New Bryan Cranston "Godzilla" Trailer is Awesome—and Explicitly Calls Out US Nuclear Testing

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The upcoming Godzilla reboot (set for a May release) will offer its own modern take on the origin of the famous city-squashing monster. It’s directed by Gareth Edwards, and stars Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The new trailer is out, and it’s pretty great:

At about the minute mark, you hear characters explaining how mankind created its own colossal nightmare. Their explanation seems to call out actual American nuclear testing, specifically Operation Castle. Here are some lines of dialogue narrating images in the trailer:

In 1954, we awakened something.

With those nuclear tests in the Pacific.

Not tests…

They were trying to kill it.

And thus Godzilla comes back as a radioactive beast to destroy and rampage.

The nuclear “tests” mentioned in the trailer (and presumably the film) likely refer to Operation Castle, a series of nuclear tests conducted by the United States in early 1954 at Bikini Atoll. The original Godzilla film (Gojira) premiered that same year, and was cleverly critical of that kind of testing. (The critically maligned 1998 Godzilla, directed by Roland Emmerich, blamed Godzilla’s wrath on nuclear tests in French Polynesia.)

Here’s a declassified video on Operation Castle:

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The New Bryan Cranston "Godzilla" Trailer is Awesome—and Explicitly Calls Out US Nuclear Testing

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Right-wingers’ dream town is a new urbanist paradise, but full of guns

Right-wingers’ dream town is a new urbanist paradise, but full of guns

Remember this?

This was Glenn Beck’s worst nightmare. Sustainable planned communities were going to destroy our future, he feared.

But over the past few weeks, Beck seems to have had a change of heart. He’s now promoting his own Independence, USA, a “city-theme park hybrid” to be located somewhere in Texas with abundant “craftmen and artisan” small businesses and stores, a working ranch “where visitors can learn how to farm and work the land,” an innovation center, and dedicated mixed-income housing.

Hold on to your hats, though, folks, because Beck is not alone. The dense green community idea is catching on among the right-wing crowd, and these people even use some of Beck’s dreaded key words.

The Citadel, a sort of castle-themed survivalist compound planned for the eastern mountains of Idaho, will have a dense town center and farmers market. The fortress aims to protect residents in part by “physical preparedness to survive and prevail in the face of natural catastrophes — such as Hurricanes Sandy or Katrina.” Calling all green-minded fans of The Games of Thrones: Homes will be made of poured concrete “for exceptional durability,” and may have those cute little windows for shooting arrows out of.

However, the website declares:

Marxists, Socialists, Liberals, and Establishment Republicans may find that living within our Citadel Community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles.

It’s kind of not though — the design hews pretty close to the core tenets of smart growth. But it also kind of is, because the Citadel’s main purpose is “preservation of liberty,” i.e. having all of the guns.

Not sure which eco-friendly neo-libertarian planned community to choose? Gawker has a breakdown of each community’s salient points, and declares Independence the winner (maybe because Beck also plans to include that theme park).

Has everything you thought you knew about political ideologies and lifestyles been destroyed now? I’m sorry. But if the right is going to run away to delusional Disneylands, they might as well be dense and livable, right?

And if they’re going to fill those places with guns and plop them in the boonies way the hell away from the rest of us, I’m not complaining.

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Right-wingers’ dream town is a new urbanist paradise, but full of guns

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