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The Dinosaur Hunters – Deborah Cadbury


The Dinosaur Hunters
A True Story of Scientific Rivalry and the Discovery of the Prehistoric World (Text Only Edition)
Deborah Cadbury

Genre: Science & Nature

Price: $1.99

Publish Date: May 31, 2012

Publisher: Fourth Estate


The story of two nineteenth-century scientists who revealed one of the most significant and exciting events in the natural history of this planet: the existence of dinosaurs. In ‘The Dinosaur Hunters’ Deborah Cadbury brilliantly recreates the remarkable story of the bitter rivalry between two men: Gideon Mantell uncovered giant bones in a Sussex quarry, became obsessed with the lost world of the reptiles and was driven to despair. Richard Owen, a brilliant anatomist, gave the extinct creatures their name and secured for himself unrivalled international acclaim. Note that it has not been possible to include the same picture content that appeared in the original print version. Reviews ‘No other narrative I know illustrates the human element in scientific discovery quite so dramatically.’ Evening Standard ‘This is a tale of intrigue and deception, of burning ambition and failed dreams. The bitter clashes between the men who dominated 19th- century geology are exquisitely portrayed by Deborah Cadbury in this scholarly yet exhilarating book.’ Independent ‘This is a story we should all know, a defining part of contemporary western culture. I can’t think of a better introduction.’ Sunday Times ‘This is a wonderful book, evoking a time when science required remarkable people to conduct it.’ Observer About the author Deborah Cadbury is the award-winning TV science producer for the BBC, including Horizon for which she won an Emmy . She is also the highly-acclaimed author of ‘The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World’, ‘The Feminisation of Nature’, ‘The Dinosaur Hunters’, ‘The Lost King of France’ and ‘Space Race’.

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The Dinosaur Hunters – Deborah Cadbury

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Gas company: No need to frack outside London; regular old drilling will do

Gas company: No need to frack outside London; regular old drilling will do


The results of exploratory gas drilling near London are in, and they would seem to be wonderful news. It appears that Mother Nature broke up the rock before the frackers could get their chemical-tainted hands on it. But locals fear it’s just a ruse.

The exploratory well, drilled by energy company Cuadrilla in the village of Balcombe, 35 miles south of London, is one of Europe’s first forays into fracking. That’s where residents clashed with police during protests over the summer.

“Based on our analysis of the samples we obtained from the exploration well, we can confirm that the target rock underneath Lower Stumble is naturally fractured,” Cuadrilla told village residents in a recent letter. “The presence of these natural fractures and the nature of the rock means that we do not intend to hydraulically fracture the exploration well at Lower Stumble now or in the future.”

The bad news, though, is that now the company is investigating whether it could just drill using more conventional approaches.

Oh, and there’s that whole thing with frackers habitually lying and obfuscating the facts. And that’s what some residents worry that Cuadrilla is doing right now.

“Cuadrilla and the government will do anything they can to remove the ‘fracking’ word from any future exploration,” village resident Juliette Harris told the West Sussex County Times. “With a 30-year lease signed with the Balcombe Estate, fracking is clearly their intention. Whatever they wish to call their activities, Cuadrilla have no social license to be in our community. The protest is alive and kicking.”

No Fracking in Balcombe Society (No FiBS) states ‘villagers do not believe Cuadrilla’s no fracking claim’, West Sussex County Times
Balcombe protests: Cuadrilla vows not to frack site, BBC

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Gas company: No need to frack outside London; regular old drilling will do

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