The 49ers’ Embarrassing Gay-Unfriendly Fumble

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Remember all the excitement when the San Francisco 49ers became the first NFL team to make an “It Gets Better” video in support of bullied LGBT teens? Now the Niners are the first NFL team to have its “It Gets Better” video pulled from Dan Savage’s site.

What brought this on: In the same week that 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver said at Super Bowl media day that he “don’t do the gays, man,” and that gay players wouldn’t be welcomed in the locker room following news reports that effectively outed former Niners offensive lineman Kwame Harris, two more San Francisco players, Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga, then denied any involvement with making the “It Gets Better” videoâ&#128;&#148;even after a reporter showed them the clip on an iPhone.

The 49ers issued a statement Wednesday separating the organization from Culliver’s comments. He apologizedâ&#128;&#148;but not before offending even more people by riffing on menstrual cycles in a since-deleted tweet. Some teammates and coaches have voiced their concerns; Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan thinks the NFL should suspend Culliver.

Anyway, if you’re still on the fence about Super Bowl XLVII, here’s a helpful reminder: Brendon Ayanbadejo plays for the Ravens.

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The 49ers’ Embarrassing Gay-Unfriendly Fumble

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