The Way of the Bow – Paulo Coelho


The Way of the Bow

Paulo Coelho

Genre: Spirituality

Price: $2.99

Publish Date: December 22, 2011

Publisher: Sant Jordi Asociados

Seller: Sant Jordi Asociados Agencia Literaria

“ The Way of the Bow” relates the story of Tetsuya, the best archer of the country, who conveys his teachings to a boy in his village. Throughout the story, several thoughts are reflected; our daily efforts and work, how to overcome difficulties, steadfastness, courage to take risky decisions, etc. Paulo Coelho expressed in these few pages many of the values which inspire our daily work: innovation, flexibility, adaptation to changes, enthusiasm, team work. “I wrote this text in which bow, arrow, target and archer form an integral part of the same system of growth and challenge.” . — Paulo Coelho.

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The Way of the Bow – Paulo Coelho

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