There Is No App for Happiness – Max Strom


There Is No App for Happiness

How to Avoid a Near-Life Experience

Max Strom

Genre: Self-Improvement

Price: $1.99

Publish Date: August 1, 2013

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Seller: The Perseus Books Group, LLC

Technology has expanded at such a rate that nearly every aspect of our world has been affected—yet there has been no corresponding expansion of personal happiness. Instead, we find that the wealthiest societies of the world have become depressed, anxious, sleep deprived, and overmedicated. Max Strom, author of A Life Worth Breathing and global teacher of personal transformation, reveals that we each have internal, human technology capable of empowering our lives and leading us to deeper levels of happiness. In his new book, There Is No App for Happiness , Strom illustrates three imperatives to take back control of our lives. Imperative One: Self-study. Overcoming our negative presets. Imperative Two: Live as if your time and your lifespan were the same thing. Imperative Three: Learn a daily regimen that heals and empowers you, and practice it one hour a day. Learn that joy and fulfillment require us to be active participants and that we should not strive for a virtual life—but a life truly lived. There Is No App for Happiness will propel you into a new and more meaningful experience of living.

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There Is No App for Happiness – Max Strom

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