United Auto Workers submits comment in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard


United Auto Workers submits comment in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard

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Joining thousands of consumers, farmers and environmental advocates, UAW has submitted its comment to the EPA, urging the agency to reconsider its planned cuts to renewable fuel in 2014. Speaking on behalf of its more than 300,000 members, the union warned that “this proposed rule could not only raise prices at the pump and deter investment in biofuels and biofuel infrastructure, but hurt rural economies and jeopardize valuable American manufacturing jobs.”

From their comment:

Once-struggling rural American communities have grown and become economically independent because of the success of the biofuel industry. However, under this proposed rule, it is predicted that gas prices could increase 5.7 cents a gallon, affecting all workers and their families. Corn prices are expected to drop $0.19 per bushel, below the cost of production, leading to idle ethanol production and significant job loss in the agricultural implement sector.

Our manufacturing sector is viable and strong, particularly in the biofuels and renewable fuels industry. A significant reduction in renewable volume obligations under this proposed rule could destabilize the renewable fuel industry and send the wrong message to investors. As an ardent proponent of the Administration’s light-duty fuel efficiency standards, we at the UAW support growth in the next generation biofuels. Continuing to build our biofuels industry will keep America globally competitive, create even more jobs, improve the environment, and boost economic demand.

We respectfully request that the EPA revise this proposal, ensuring that it is consistent with targets outlined in the 2007 law. Without a revised proposal, the EPA’s proposed rule would impose significant burdens and losses on rural American workers and the economies of their communities.

Click here to read the UAW’s full comment.

Today is the last day to submit comments to the EPA on the Renewable Fuel Standard. Stand with us to protect the only policy that’s helping us end our addiction to oil!




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United Auto Workers submits comment in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard

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