What Fishes To Use In Aquaponics

The system of growing plants and fishes in an environment where both can benefit from each other in a symbiotic way is called Aquaponics. The plants makes use of the wastes from the fishes and this serves as their natural fertilizers while the fishes benefit from the plants because the plants are responsible in cleaning the water where the fishes grow.Fish tank, grow beds, your choice of fishes to grow, your choice of plants to grow, water, pipes, pumps and the area where to place your Aquaponics system are the things that one should decide and prepare before starting to set up their own Aquaponics.

Before beginning to set up the Aquaponics system, a lot of people are confused on what types of fish they should grow. There are factors that should be considered in choosing the type of fish to grow in this system.

-Water temperature and environment that the fish will live. Different types of fishes have differences in their ability to tolerate water temperature and environment. There are fishes that needs warm water to live in and there are those that need cooler water. Introducing a fish to a water temperature that they cannot tolerate may cause them to die.

-Another factor to consider is the speed of growth of the fish which is actually important especially if the reason why you are raising fishes is for food production. A type of fish that grows and multiplies fast is recommended to be raised if your main reason for raising them is for food production. Also be sure to raise fishes that are good-tasting for this purpose.

-Choose a type of fish that can live in a closed system. Since Aquaponics is a closed system, it is significant to choose which types of fish can live in that kind of system. You also have to make sure that you will choose a fish that will be able multiply and reproduce in this kind of system.

Since you are already aware of the different important factors to be considered in choosing what type of fish to be raised in Aquaponics, you have increased your chances of being able to decide on what type of fish you want to raise. Below is a list of commonly raised fishes in Aquaponics:

-The first type of fish is the goldfish. The goldfish is commonly selected to be raised in Aquaponics because it is inexpensive. This type of fish is tolerant to cold water temperature.

-BARRAMUNDI-is an edible kind of fish that can tolerate warmer temperature. This type of fish can provide sufficient harvest and offers a good-tasting and crispy meat.

-CHANNEL CATFISH-if provided with a well-balanced environment, this type of fish can grow rapidly. This is a unique type of fish species because instead of having scales, they have tough skin and whiskers. Also, it is important to know that these types of fish are bottom-dwellers.

-Next fish is one of the most appropriate type of fish to be grown in Aquaponics because of their higher productivity than any other types of fish. This fish is known as the Carp.

-TILAPIA- this type of fish cannot tolerate cold water temperature. However, because of its capability to grow fast, this type of fish is one of the most popular choices to be grown in an Aquaponics system. Despite the fact that this type of fish is an invasive specie, they are still a very good choice of fish to grow because of their delicious tasting meat which is also a good source of protein.

Aside from choosing the right kind of fish to grow in Aquaponics, it is also important to make sure that you know basic information regarding the type of fish that you have chosen to grow in order to provide them with an environment that is appropriate for them and will help them to grow healthy.

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