Your Rape Joke Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Mother Jones

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Pornhub, a hub for pornography on the information superhighway, is a little well known for being snarky and amusing on social media. Chasing that reputation may have just got it into trouble.

Sunday night the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos in a football game. This inspired Pornhub to make the following joke:

So, stop it.

Pornhub, stop it.

Whoever you are, if you’re telling a rape joke, stop it.

It’s 2014. We really shouldn’t have to say this. Just, dear god almighty, stop.

They aren’t funny. You aren’t funny. Stop.

UPDATE: Pornhub has apologized in the comments to this post. Their social person seems like good people:

Alright Ben, you’re right, I feel bad and I’ll stop. The tweet wasn’t intended to offend anyone, you have to realize my target demographic on twitter isn’t the same as say, Mother Jones.

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Your Rape Joke Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

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