10 Reasons to Wear Yoga Clothing Made From Organic Bamboo

Organic yoga clothing comes from a wide variety of natural materials. Of all the eco-friendly fabrics out there, bamboo has some truly unique benefits. It’s good for the planet as it’s growing, and it’s good for people who wear clothing derived from the plant’s fibers. Here are the top ten reasons why your yoga pants should be made from bamboo.

1. Bamboo is highly sustainable. Only about a third of the bamboo culms growing in a forest are harvested in any particular year. The younger ones are left to grow for another year or two, thus providing energy for new shoots to emerge.

2. Bamboo is completely organic. It grows well without using any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This keeps the soil and water free from pollutants.

3. Bamboo removes large amounts greenhouse gases from the air. If you tested equal areas of bamboo forest and hardwood forest, you’d find that the bamboo forest is able to produce 35% more oxygen.

4. Bamboo prevents erosion. When other textile crops are harvested, the land is stripped of nutrients and soil is lost to wind and water erosion. But a bamboo forest is all connected by one root system. This helps bind the soil in place while holding in moisture.

5. Bamboo doesn’t need any irrigation. Natural rainfall is all the water it needs. Compare this to cotton, which is an extremely thirsty crop. Did you know that almost 3% of the total water used by humans goes towards irrigating cotton fields?

6. Bamboo yoga clothing extremely soft and smooth. The reason is because the bamboo fibers possess a naturally rounded surface. You can even observe this by looking at bamboo under a microscope. This smoothness makes bamboo clothing very soft like silk. Even people with skin allergies can wear it.

7. Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture and is highly absorbent. When you sweat, bamboo will help you feel drier by taking up the excess moisture. This is one of the best reasons to wear organic bamboo yoga clothes.

8. Bamboo is breathable and good for regulating temperature. When it’s hot out, you will feel cooler. And when it’s chilly, you can wear a layer of bamboo for insulation.

9. Bamboo clothing blocks up to 98% of UV rays. This lessens your odds of developing cancer.

10. Bamboo has antibacterial properties. If you’ve used bamboo towels, you may have noticed that they smell cleaner for longer time and can be washed less often. This helps water conservation.

These were just a few of many good reasons why bamboo is the best organic yoga clothing you can wear. As more yogis become aware of environmental issues, bamboo is sure to become an even more important source for eco-friendly yoga clothing.

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