Use Less Energy This Summer With These Great Tips

Summer is upon us, and with it comes heat and humidity. Homeowners are more and more concerned about their spiking electricity bills from running costly air conditioners. These units are the largest consumers of electricity in our homes.

Over half of all Oahu homes have air conditioning, either central air or a single window unit. This is a dramatic increase of almost 22% when compared to 25 years ago. – Hawaii’s Energy Future

Running a window unit in a standard bedroom for 8 hours a night can rack up to a $49 monthly bill, depending on its EER. Turning the thermostat a few degrees lower or running it during hotter hours of the daytime can make a dramatic difference in your electricity consumption, which is reflected on your utility bill. Here a few tips to keep in mind to help lower your energy usage this summer while still keeping cool:

– Consider the use of a fan in place of your traditional cooling unit.

– Change the thermostat to reduce your energy consumption.

– Add a programmable thermostat which will automatically run your AC when the house is occupied.

– Clean or replace filters to increase the efficiency of your cooling unit.

– Take actions to lower the base temperature in your home. Install cooler CFL lights, close blinds, and invest in home window tinting.

– Always make sure to have the right size cooling system for your room or home. HECO has a free calculator to determine the proper unit size and it shows the average cost per month.

– Make sure to schedule system maintenance with a licensed contractor. Central air users can even qualify for a maintenance rebate.

– Add a photovoltaic system to your house.

All of these small but important changes will help to keep your AC from working overtime during these hot summer months. Find more information and further energy saving tips at the Hawaii’s Energy Future website.

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