New York Times editorial calls for Obama to get moving on climate

New York Times editorial calls for Obama to get moving on climate

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Get to work, Mr. President!

The New York Times editorial board is worried that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels recently hit 400 parts per million. And it’s worried that President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

In an editorial published on Saturday, the Gray Lady called on Obama to quickly use his executive powers to tackle climate change:

The prospects for broad-based Congressional action putting a price on carbon emissions are nil. The House is run by people who care little for environmental issues generally, and Senate Republicans who once favored a pricing strategy, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have long since slunk away. Meanwhile, Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee have spent the last two weeks trying to derail Mr. Obama’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency — a moderate named Gina McCarthy. Ms. McCarthy has served two Republican governors (Mitt Romney was one) but is considered suspect by the right wing because she wants to control carbon pollution, which is driving global temperatures upward.

Hence the need for executive action. Yet we are now four months into Mr. Obama’s second term, and there is no visible sign of a coherent strategy. One plausible reason is that Mr. Obama has been preoccupied with other issues and that his key players on climate have not been in place. But that excuse disappears if Ms. McCarthy can survive a threatened Senate filibuster; even if she does not, Mr. Obama has sufficient talent in the E.P.A. and the Energy Department and among his science advisers to get started.

As this page has noted, it is possible to adopt a robust climate strategy based largely on executive actions. …

Mr. Obama has a firm grasp of the climate issue, and no one doubts that he cares about it. But as is often the case with this president, the question is whether he will exhibit a sense of urgency to match his intellectual understanding.

The full editorial outlines a brief to-do list for Obama — you can read it here.

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New York Times editorial calls for Obama to get moving on climate

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