Our Response to API’s E15 Report

Our Response to API’s E15 Report

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Big Oil unveiled a new report today, filled with misleading claims and half-truths about one of our favorite renewable fuels: E15. Our response:

Today’s report from oil-lobby backed research group Coordinating Research Council displays clear bias and ignores millions of miles and years of testing that went into EPA’s approval of E15.

CRC’s bias is clear – API is a “sustaining member” of the group – and so it’s no surprise that the CRC is negative about E15. They’re playing right in to API’s misguided ploy to overturn the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Over 6.5 million miles of testing, equivalent to 12 round trips to the moon, makes E15 the most tested fuel, ever.

The CRC study by contrast doesn’t reflect a single mile driven, but rather, car components tested in isolation. By researchers’ own admission, testing also included an “aggressive” E15 blend that includes more water and acid than what consumers would use in their cars. Meanwhile, auto makers like Ford and GM have approved E15 for use in their new vehicles and some of the world’s most demanding cars and drivers at NASCAR use ethanol exclusively. This is a fuel that works and is already in use.

The oil industry is intent on maintaining its control over America’s fuel supply, and this kind of biased research is exactly why we must continue to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard and the investment it has supported. Luckily Congress had the foresight to create the Renewable Fuel Standard to ensure that drivers have access choices with renewable fuel at the pump.


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Our Response to API’s E15 Report

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