The Overnight Diet – Caroline Apovian & Frances Sharpe


The Overnight Diet

The Proven Plan for Fast, Permanent Weight Loss

Caroline Apovian & Frances Sharpe

Genre: Health & Fitness

Price: $11.99

Publish Date: April 9, 2013

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Seller: Hachette Digital, Inc.

THE OVERNIGHT DIET is the world's first medically proven diet to produce instant, lasting results. You will lose up to 2 pounds the first night, 9 pounds the first week, and continue your weight loss. Now Caroline Apovian MD., leading expert and authority on nutrition and weight management, brings you the diet that has helped thousands of her patients lose weight- and keep it off. Dr. Apovian's specially formulated 1-Day Power Up jump-starts your fat burning and weight-loss overnight, then the 6-Day Fuel Up keeps your body in fat-burning mode while offering you a bounty of tasty food options, including hamburgers, peanut butter, even chocolate! No food is off limits. Plus all-you-can-eat fruits and vegetables. The Overnight Diet achieves lightning-fast weight loss, burns fat not muscle, reduces water retention and bloating, staves off hunger pangs, and prevents plateaus. This is the ultimate blueprint to slim down, and lose the weight you want, whether its 5 pounds or 50 pounds! THE OVERNIGHT DIET developed by a renowned medical doctor has been proven safe and effective. It is the only weight-loss program that: Is formulated for rapid weight loss that you'll keep off once and for all Revs up your metabolism to burn more fat faster Let's you eat your favorite foods-and still lose pounds and inches Turns off the genes that caused your weight gain Lets you exercise less while burning more fat Boosts your levels of HGH, the body's natural flab fighter Reduces your risk of diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer

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The Overnight Diet – Caroline Apovian & Frances Sharpe

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