The Path of No Resistance – Garret Kramer


The Path of No Resistance

Why Overcoming is Simpler than You Think

Garret Kramer

Genre: Self-Improvement

Price: $0.99

Publish Date: July 7, 2015

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press

Seller: Greenleaf Book Group, LLC

A FRESH TAKE ON THE INBORN CHARACTERISTIC OF RESILIENCE  Most people are convinced that the key to rising above a perceived problem is to think about it, analyze all angles, and try hard to solve it. But the fact is: Problems in the world are mounting. War, famine, and strife exist at alarming rates. Not to mention that the level of respect within our families and communities seems to be fraying.  Simply put, our behavior is not up to par these days; it is spiraling downward. Why? We’re not connecting the dots. In the arenas of psychology, teaching, coaching, and parenting, we’re using behavioral strategies to boost inner levels of clarity and consciousness—to no avail.  So, if focusing on behavior isn’t working, what will?  The Path of No Resistance provides a brand-new look at how human beings really overcome adversity. Along the way, Garret Kramer reveals the astonishing truth about what creates our troubles in the first place. And what we already know, deep down, that allows us to prosper in spite of any circumstance or situation.  Offering an array of examples, Kramer demonstrates that resilience and contentment are—in principle—innate to everyone. He insists that calculated self-help methods are not the answer, and explains why insight, not intellect, is what fuels our ability to excel and give back to others.  This book will change the way you approach any predicament in your life. It shows you why today’s experts are missing the mark, and just how simple it is to turn mountains into molehills—and thrive. 

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The Path of No Resistance – Garret Kramer

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