The Renewable Fuel Choice

The Renewable Fuel Choice

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Do you want to have a choice when it comes to fueling up your car? To have the option of using fuel that is cleaner, renewable and often, cheaper? If you are like the majority of Americans in this new poll, you do – 64% of people said they supported the RFS requirement that renewable fuel be incorporated into our nation’s fuel supply.

It’s too bad that some on Capitol Hill don’t agree with these Americans, and are, in fact, working counter to our best interests by trying to change the RFS. Attacks against the RFS ignore the reality that Americans want choice and they want alternatives to oil.

The companies of Fuels America are meanwhile working to create those alternatives; Congress must protect the RFS to ensure that Americans can have access to the clean fuels being developed.

To see the cellulosic industry at work you need merely look at the raft of companies that completed building facilities or started production in recent months. These include Abengoa, KiOR and INEOS Bio, to name a few. Meanwhile, DuPont, POET and others are preparing for new cellulosic ethanol projects in the months and years to come.

Those are just a handful of the projects planned or underway. Check out our infographic for an overview of more cellulosic innovation cropping up around the country and visit E2’s new website, Fueling Growth, for a map of more than 80 advanced renewable fuel projects.

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The Renewable Fuel Choice

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