Why Go Green?

There are few things more satisfying than bidding the cold winds and freezing winter temperatures a temporary farewell and entering your warm and cozy house. Thanks to the invention of central heating, many of us find winters to be not nearly as bad as they otherwise would.

This is one of the reasons why this movement is unique. It can be designed based on the needs or wants of the individual. And they can feel good about the fact that they are helping the environment in the process.

Lower your Thermostat This can often be a topic of intense debate in any house or apartment, but the fact is that lowering your thermostat is the easiest and most direct way to cut down on the cost of heating your home. It’s estimated that for every degree that you lower your thermostat, you save around 3% on your next heating bill. However, make sure that you never turn off your thermostat while you are away. Doing so can sometimes cause pipes in the house to freeze and rupture, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Check your Windows Windows have a large part to play in how heat energy in your house is both created and dispersed. The first thing you should be aware of regarding your windows is how well they are fitted to your house. Cracks or spaces on your windows can leak heat at a surprising rate, causing your heater to work harder in order to keep your house warm.

Here are a few examples of ways the everyday person could reuse basic items:

* Used Books: Purchasing used books from the college bookstore or online, which can save a lot of money. You should also look into digital or eBooks that can be downloaded onto a computer or portable device. These options save money and help the environment. These are just a few of the many benefits of going green or reusing items that save time and money.

Solar Power If you want to make changes that will help cut your heating bill by a large percentage, consider supplementing your system with solar panels. Efficient solar materials, like the Helios 310 watt panels, can help cut your power costs that are raised by having to carry warm air throughout the house. Solar technology can be an effective and energy-conscious way to save on your next heating bill.

* Crate shelves: You can get old would or plastic crates from a grocery store and turn them sideways with the open part facing out. Then stack and secure the crates and you can use them just like a normal bookshelf. You can stack them in different ways and have many or just a few crates to make a unit. * Solar panels: This may not be something reused but it definitely a great way to go green! Solar panels are great for the environment and there are many different ways that you can use them whether it is on your roof with a Phonosolar 300 watt panel or on your flashlight, you should definitely check out all the hoopla with solar panels.

SimpleRay was founded in 2007 with one goal: simplifying solar for homeowners, business owners, installers and non-profits. We believe in the importance of Siliken solar panels, wind and other renewable energy technology to the future of our global community. We offer inexpensive solar panels for sale that will help to save costs on your energy bills.

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