Big Greens Are Spending Big Green In 2014 Midterms


How Tom Steyer is trying to make climate a winning political issue. Tom Steyer. Karl Mondon/MCT/ZUMA First there was a pickup truck. Then there was an ark. The vehicle of choice for drawing attention to the NextGen Climate Action Committee has been, well, vehicles. The climate change super PAC, funded by billionaire investor Tom Steyer, recently rolled a truck filled with fake oil barrels into New Hampshire to chide Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown. A few days later, the group began touring Florida with an ark to taunt climate change hedging by Gov. Rick Scott (R). The ark campaign was meant to draw attention to Florida’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, like rising sea levels, but also to highlight Scott’s unwillingness to talk about the causes of climate change. At its launch, organizers accused Scott of letting only “special interest campaign contributors” buy a “ticket on Scott’s Ark.” The truck and the ark, said NextGen chief strategist Chris Lehane, are part of the group’s “disruptive” approach to advocacy. “We want to be on the offensive as much as possible, force the other side to respond,” said Lehane, a Clinton administration veteran known for, as The New York Times put it, “his own extreme brand of performance politics.” Read the rest at The Huffington Post.

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Big Greens Are Spending Big Green In 2014 Midterms

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Big Greens Are Spending Big Green In 2014 Midterms

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